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Prepping for my Melbourne Road Trip

September 13, 2016

In a few days I will be getting in the car and starting a 10 hour road trip to Melbourne. As a kid whenever we decided to go somewhere we always drove to our destination because we couldn’t afford flights. Needless to say I am now a pro when it comes to being prepared for long hours in the car. I could have flown to Melbourne this weekend, but since my in-laws are starting their 5 week tour of Australia they were already going to be driving. I jumped on the opportunity to get to see some more of Australia’s landscape and explore more of New South Wales and Victoria.


Some of you may think 10 hours is a long time to be in a car and it is, but the time can pass quickly if you prepare your self, and before you know it you will be at your destination ready to explore. For my upcoming trip to Melbourne, I will be a passenger in the car therefore no driving for me! YAY! I am going to share with you the things I do when preparing for a road trip, as well as a few other helpful tips to make the experience more enjoyable.

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Let’ Get Comfy!

Comfy Clothes – Wear comfortable clothing! I cannot stress this enough, what you decide to wear will sometimes determine how much you will enjoy the car ride. You will be in the car for long periods of time, tight form fitting clothes may restrict you and when trying to get comfortable you might actually want to move your body, so choose wisely.

My Go To:  leggings, soft cotton t-shirt, & a sweatshirt (if it is the summer swap leggings for athletic shorts)

No Hassle Shoes – Most likely while riding in the car you will want to kick you shoes off. No problems with that, but when you decide to stop its all pesky laces or buckles to try and get them back on and in the end people have to wait for you to get yourself together. I like to be able to slip my shoes on and just hop out of the car. My advice is to choose shoes that you can put on and take of easily.

My Go To: Thongs (flip flops) or some type of slip on shoe (i.e. toms, flats, or sandals)

Pillows & Blankets – If the car allows it, consider bringing a pillow or a blanket with you. It may be the extra comfort you need to help you get those few extra minutes of Zzzzz.

My Go To: if space available bring pillow or blanket, if not use sweatshirt as makeshift pillow/blanket.

How to Not Get Bored on the Road

Conversation –  Most likely you won’t be travelling alone in the car, so you might as well take advantage and talk to one another. Having conversations can make the time pass quicker and in the end you and the other people in the car may have developed a closer relationship.

Look out Your Window – One of the best parts of driving to a new place is getting to see all the amazing scenery in between. I love watching how the landscape changes as well as getting to see all the towns you drive through on the way.

Bag of Goodies – Now the term ‘Bag of Goodies’ does not only refer to lollies and snacks, but also the space or ‘bag’ I use to keep all the activities I plan to do to keep myself busy for the long car ride. Make sure you don’t over pack because you don’t want to bring so much stuff that you can no longer physically move, also you most likely won’t use all that stuff anyway.

My Go To: I use my handbag as a reference, everything I choose to bring with me can fit into my handbag. Currently I am using my favorite bag which is a Longchamp Pliages Red Rouge Medium Tote Bag Purse, and here is what I usually bring.

  1. 1 Book & 1 Crossword Puzzle Book
  2. Iphone
  3. Ipad Mini
  4. Ipod
  5. Wallet
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Headphones
  8. Device Chargers
  9. Small pencil pouch: 1 pen, 1 chapstick/lipgloss & medication (i.e. penadol, ibuprofen, basically whatever you need)
  10. Snacks
  11. Water Bottle
  12. Socks (if not wearing any)

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This may not seem like a lot of stuff to keep you busy for a long road trip, but you also have to keep in mind that there will be beautiful scenery right outside your window as well as other people in the car to have conversations with. Not to mention you will most likely be making stops along the way to get petrol, food, stretch your legs or just to get a really cool photo at an iconic Aussie landmark.




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