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October Book Recommendations

October 17, 2016
october books

It’s October!!! And If you don’t already know I love books!!! I read something new every week, so I thought I’d start to compile what I’ve read and share it with you guys.

Now with Halloween being in October I thought I would start off with a book to really get us in the Halloween spirit.


Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman

Fashionably Dead

So first up is Fashionably Dead.

What it’s about?

Astrid, a materialistic Prada whore (her words not mine) who curses like a sailor finds out she has just been turned into a vamp… Oh Hell to the No. While trying to navigate her new life as a vampire she has a steamy run in with the incredibly sexy and irresistible Ethan who in turn is the secret vampire prince.

Why I chose this book

I was bored and couldn’t find anything to read. As I was scrolling through I found this book and decided to give it a go and it turned out to be fucking hilarious to the point that I was laughing out loud and Patrick was looking at me like a loon. If you like vampires, fairies, guardian angels, and Prada this book is definitely for you and if you don’t then you should still read it cuz you will still be laughing your ass off.




The Little French Guesthouse by Helen Pollard


Numero Dos is The Little French Guesthouse.

What it’s about?

Emmy is a hard working accountant who just wanted to take a little holiday with her boyfriend. Well when they arrived at the French guesthouse for a two week stay who knew it would end up with her boyfriend sleeping with the owners wife while he was downstairs having a heart attack…..Wow what an absolute douchecanoe. Anyways this story is about Emmy and her struggle of deciding whether or not to give up her “normal” life and take a chance and start living a new life in France with a heap of new friends she has come to love. There also may be a steamy romp in the orchard with said bronzed, blonde shirtless gardner.

Why I chose this book.

I’m a sucker for anything having to do with Europe or a love story. A hopeless romantic at my very core I couldn’t pass it up! I mean she was going for a romantic holiday in France for crying out loud! Also a little bit a drama does make it for a more exciting read! Who would deny themselves finding about the possible romance between the sexy mysterious accountant Alain or shirtless buff gardener Ryan?


The Billionaire’s Secrets by Meadow Taylor

Billionaire's Secrets

Now I know what your thinking, not another 50 Shades of Grey themed book…. Well you know what I’m very disappointed in you for judging this book by it’s cover because IT’S NOT ABOUT THAT!

Like I said before I am into romance so warning you now most of my books will probs be about love SOZZA!!

The Billionaire’s Secrets coming in at number 3.

What it’s about?

A fine girl name Chloe struggling for work answer’s an ad to be a private tutor for a 6 year old girl up in an isolated mansion in rural Newfoundland. Upon her arrival to Newfoundland she is stranded at the airport and has to make her own way out to the mansion via walking (umm like no shit is already turning bad). While walking up the long driveway she is almost run over by her very rude (and of course devishly handsome) new boss, Gaelan Byrne, who seems very unimpressed with the fact that she as beautiful AF and not some 70 year old miserable sod of a retired school teacher. Well let me tell you that Chloe has some fire in her, and no good looking alpha male billionaire is gonna stop her, but falling for him might be a problem. But said Billionaire has some secret’s of his own and it just so happens that they might come back to haunt Chloe on one the biggest day of her life…

Why I chose this book.

Hot billionaire, rural isolated mansion, secrets!!! Ummm come on, I was intrigued by just reading the title so of course I had to download it!  Also I read the excerpt and that drew me in as well. This book didn’t disappoint although I so hated the billionaire hottie for a good 2/3 of the book, but I loved Chloe and her passion of teaching she was really the hero in the book for me.

King’s by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


 King’s is finishing it off at number 4.

What it’s about?

The main character, Mia Turner, finds out that her brother has gone missing and every time she tries to find out what happened she is led to another dead end. In the end she must turn to a man she swears is the devil and his name is King. Just King.

Money, private jets, fine tailored suits and ridiculous good looks don’t fool Mia from knowing there is something dark and unnatural behind this man. This book brings the saying “Dark and Mysterious” to a whole new level, and makes you wonder if King is even human?

Why I chose this book.

Let’s just take a look at this cover art for one sec…

This man obvs hot AF sitting on a red leather chair looking like a boss who doesn’t give two shits about anyone. Um do you think I clicked on this to check out the excerpt?! Hell Yeah I did! I was so intrigued and therefore I downloaded it. King is so mysterious I was immediately sucked in and even though he was a major arrogant, asshole he was such an interesting character.


Well there you have it! My books for October. Happy Reading!

XX Court

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