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7 Things to Know About Halloween in Australia

October 18, 2016
halloween in Aus

It’s October!!! And we all know what that means! Fall leaves, pumpkin spice & HALLOWEEN!!

Now in my family my mom goes seriously all out for Halloween, everything from cotton spider webs and gigantic furry spiders adorning the staircases to homemade tombstones decorating the front yard. Not to mention she has a Halloween village (you know like a Christmas village but completely Halloween themed) precisely placed atop our mantle.

Those were the good old days…

Now that I live in Australia, the typical fall/winter holiday season that runs from October to January no longer exists for me. While everyone back home is drinking pumpkin spice lattes, going apple picking and pulling out their winter wardrobe. I’m over here trading my winter jacket for a bikini, lathering in sunscreen and heading to the beach.

Since Halloween is approaching, I wanted to share with you a few things you might not know about Halloween in Australia.

1. Not Everyone Celebrates Halloween in Australia

I know hard to believe right!? But it’s true, Halloween is not a traditional holiday in Australia. The holiday has slowly migrated across the Pacific Ocean, and with each passing year more people wanting to celebrate. However, there are still a lot of Australian’s who refuse to participate because they see the holiday as unAustralian (well technically it is so I don’t blame em).

halloween australia

Image from Riot Act

2. You Can’t Go to a Pumpkin Patch to Pick Your Pumpkin

Devastating I know! So where do you go to hand pick with care the perfect pumpkin to carve into a Jack O’ Lantern? They just might happen to sell a few at your local Coles, Woolworths, or in my case my local fruit and veg shop, The Jesmond Fruit Barn.

Jack O lantern

My pumpkin that I carved last year for my first Halloween in Australia

3. All Things Pumpkin Spice is not a thing here during September & October.

Now I can’t speak for Starbucks over here because they are so rare (only being in the big cities like Sydney or Melbourne) and I don’t live near one, but I haven’t seen any pumpkin spice anything being advertised either on tv or in coffee shops in my local area, so I do not get to indulge in all things pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Spice latte

Image from CNBC

4. Limited Candy!

Ummm… So I know what you’re thinking ‘How can you have Halloween without Halloween Candy?’ No pre-packed little packets of candy corn, jolly ranchers, nerds or skittles! Well, you’ve got me there I have no idea what people do for handing out candy or what the little trick or treaters get other than from what I can see in stores is just chocolate. Very boring if I do say so myself I was always a fan of the starburst packs.

Halloween Candy

Image from 5PointsBlue

5. It’s Still Light Outside When You Start Trick or Treating

While all of you in the Northern Hemisphere fall back for daylight savings, us here Down Under spring forward, meaning longer hours of daylight. Following the traditional start time of trick or treating being around 5 or 6 o’ clock, you will find that you will see all the kids walking around in costumes in broad daylight.

trick or treating

Image from LOL RI

6. We don’t get 13 Nights of Halloween on TV

For me this is terrible, I always loved watching Hocus Pocus,  The Goonies & Halloweentown and all the other iconic Halloween movies on tv leading up to the big night. While we may not get the full 13 nights of jam packed Halloween awesomeness there are some tv providers and free to air tv channels showing a some classic Halloween horror flicks for you to enjoy this year.

Hocus Pocus

Image from Disney

7. Halloween is Starting to Become Popular in Australia

Enough with the negativity, I don’t want you all to think Australian’s hate Halloween because that is just not true! While the older generations are shaking their heads at us the kids are eating it up! The kids love Halloween and are the driving force in it’s increasing popularity. Not only is trick or treating becoming a more regular thing so are Halloween events and parties. Check out Halloween Australia to find events, parties, & trick or treating locations in your suburb!

halloween Sdyney

Image from Macquarie Globe

And for an added bonus here are a few more resources for those of you who may be looking to attend some Halloween events in Australia this year!

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