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Horse Races, Fancy Dresses & Fascinators!

November 1, 2016
horse being paraded

A Day at the Races

I have been living in Australia now for almost two years and I had never been to the races. Now I’m sure you have figured out by the title that I’m not talking about cars, but instead HORSES! Now horses are nothing new to me since I grew up with my family owning several horses over the years, but watching horses race is something I have yet to experience.

Whilst living in Australia, I have heard several different people talk about going for a day at the races. I was unfamiliar with what this was since it was something that my family and friends back home never did. I have since come to learn that a day at the races means dressing up, picking the perfect matching fascinator, drinking champagne and getting to bet and hopefully win big on the horses!

This past weekend, my work hosted a charity race day for cancer research at Newcastle’s Broadmeadow Racecourse. Allowing me to have my first day at the races!

So in celebration of today being the big race for the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious horse race. I thought I would share my photos from my day at the Newcastle races.

walking through the races

Finish Line

Patrick and I at the races

My horse King Viv

Number 4, King Viv!

race booklet

Hmm.. who to pick?

just placed my first bet

Just placed my first bet

horses racing

Just won first place

Winning ticket! My horse won first place! Thanks, King Viv!

Katie and I at the races

My first day at the races was a success! It was so much fun and I even won a little money 🙂 Wishing everyone a great Melbourne Cup day!

Staple Dress – Florence (I’m wearing size 8)

Note: I couldn’t find my pattern online but here is the same style with different pattern,

Pola Sandal in saddle tan (size 7) & Belinda Saucer Fascinator


XX Court

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pin image horse racing


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