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First Christmas in the New House!

December 8, 2016
front of the house

Now this isn’t Patrick and my first Christmas ever, but it is our first Christmas in our own home. All of our previous Christmases have been celebrated with our each others families, but this year we would be able to decorate our own place for the holidays!

big tree

Christmas in Sydney 2012

Now the only dilemma that we faced was that we had no Christmas decorations since well… we never needed them before. So before I even went shopping I went on Pinterest (check out my Christmas Board) to get some ideas. Now I absolutely love that log cabin, flannel, hot chocolates, reds and greens style, but when living in Australia, Christmas is during the summer and that style doesn’t really fit with the outdoor temperature. I wanted my traditional cozy, warm Christmas decorated house, but felt I really couldn’t do because it would clash with the weather. So I decided to just pick out some pieces I liked and hope it all tied in together at the end. I believe any girl doesn’t mind a good shop, but I will say that shopping for Christmas stuff is expensive and exhausting.

Choosing Decorations

I knew what I wanted for the house so I made a mental list and then tried to search for them at the shops in my area.

  • Wreath for the front door
  • Christmas tree & ornaments
  • Table runner & centerpiece
  • Stockings
  • Christmas lights

I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to find what I wanted and in the end had to make some changes. I was explaining this to my mom and she and my sisters decided that they would send me a care package with some Christmas ornaments. Back home I have a box of Christmas ornaments that I collected over the years and I was a little sad that I didn’t have it with me here to use. In the end, I made my own wreath and ordering my stockings online.

Ready for our First Christmas!

Christmas Wreath

This is the wreath I made for our front door. It was very easy to do, I went to my local craft shop bought supplies and just followed this quick video tutorial.

front of the house


This year I decided to send out Christmas cards. Christmas cards aren’t as big a thing here like they are in the USA. I designed, ordered, and had all my cards shipped by Shutterfly. The process was super easy and it was cheaper for me to send out all the cards via Shutterfly through the US Post. If I had posted my cards from Australia it would have cost me $2.75 per stamp per card!!!!

Christmas Card

Our Christmas Card sent to family and friends

Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree!

garland and ornaments


merry and bright

christmas tree1

Originally, I was going to put the tree in a basket instead of using a tree skirt, but I couldn’t find a basket big enough for the tree stand to fit in that was less than $100. Patrick had the idea to make a box for the tree and that weekend he went out and made me one :). I love it and it looks awesome. We are toying around with some tradition ideas we could do with the box. Such as writing the year on it with our names every Christmas. We aren’t sure yet so any suggestions are welcome!


I ordered our stockings from US Pottery Barn store. Australia has a Pottery Barn store, but they didn’t have the same items as the US store, they were specifically lacking in the stocking department, which was what made me switch to the other store. The US store will only ship to addresses in the USA, so I had to get the stockings shipped to my parent’s house and had my mom ship them to me.



Now that everything is decorated I can’t wait for Christmas to come! 🙂 How did you decorate your house for your first Christmas?

XX Court

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  • Reply Allison December 8, 2016 at 10:12 am

    We haven’t even decorated yet! Lol. But I have wrapped all the gifts I’ve ordered so far. Still waiting on a few more for you and then I can send you a package with love all the way from MD! 🙂

    • Reply Court December 8, 2016 at 12:49 pm

      OMG I’m so excited!! I’m finishing my shopping tomorrow! 🙂

  • Reply carolina santamaria December 13, 2016 at 7:15 am

    You guys, this is so adorable, happy to see you so happy.
    the decorations are lovely by the way!

    • Reply Court December 13, 2016 at 7:23 am

      Thanks Carolina! 🙂

  • Reply Emmi December 13, 2016 at 8:04 am

    Your house is adorable! Thanks for sharing your decorating process!

    • Reply Court December 13, 2016 at 8:05 am

      Thanks Emmi! 🙂

  • Reply Tiffany M. December 13, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    I agree that Christmas decor shopping is expensive to say the least! I’ve always found it a bit overwhelming at as well! I love the wreath and the tree box. I really wanted to the the same with my tree but also couldn’t find something within our budget. It all really looks so wonderful and out together. Enjoy your first Christmas in your new house 🙂

    P.s. Care packages from family are the best!

    • Reply Court December 13, 2016 at 1:16 pm

      Thanks Tiffany! and yes stuff is expensive these days and care packages definitely come in handy! 🙂

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