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24 Hours in Launceston, Tasmania

March 1, 2017
Cataract Gorge 2

Hello, Tasmania!

Patrick and I arrived in Launceston around 12 pm on Thursday to start our 5-day tour of Tasmania. We planned to drive from Launceston down the east coast of Tasmania and finishing off our trip in Hobart. Once we touched down at Launceston airport, we made a quick dash to the rental car desk to pick up our keys. The budget rental car staff has entrusted us with their two-tone (black & cream/beige) Renault Captur and we were off looking suave and sexy into the Tasmanian wilderness.

Now, upon actually turning out of the airport parking lot I felt like I was catapulted back to my country, farm town back in Maryland. Single lane roads, fields as far as the eye could see and men driving pickup trucks, it was great! After living in a city for so long you start to take for granted the wide open spaces you grew up with, it was nice to be reminded when we first started driving. The first thing I did after getting out of the airport was take a deep breath to experience the world’s cleanest air. Nothing like a good dose of oxygen to start off the trip. My official first impression of Tasmania was that it is very golden/brown, but still very awesome.

Cataract Gorge

Our first stop on the tour was Cataract Gorge located 5 minutes outside Launceston. It is absolutely beautiful, Patrick and I decided to take the chairlift to the top and walk down/around exploring the Gorge. We had perfect weather and even managed to see a few cute wallabies hopping around.

Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge 2

Cataract Gorge 3


Cataract Gorge 10

Cataract Gorge 4


Cataract Gorge 5

Cataract Gorge 6

Cataract Gorge 7

Cataract Gorge 8

Cataract Gorge 9


James Boags Brewery

We found ourselves walking through the city and decided to explore James Boags Brewery, all of their beer is made right here in Launceston! We weren’t able to do the brewery tour, but Patrick did get to try some beer that is sold only in Tasmania.

James Boags


James Boags 2

James Boags 3


City Park

After the brewery, we headed down the street to City Park. It was beautiful with all the flowers in bloom. City Park is also the home to a group of macaque monkeys. You can visit the monkeys free of charge and also read up on a bit of history on how they were brought over to Tasmania in the 1980s.

city park 4  Launceston city park 2  Launceston city park   Launceston city park 3

I didn’t get any pictures of the city, but the two streets that stood out to most were George street and Charles street. Both of these places seemed to have food, cafes and shopping. Launceston was an interesting place, I can definitely say that I have never been to a town/city like it before. It is easily walk-able and I don’t think you would need more than one or two days to really experience Launceston.

Next stop on our tour is visiting the Bay of Fires at Binalong Bay!

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