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The Mind of Court Blog is 1!

March 15, 2017
blog is 1

blog is 1

The Mind of Court is 1!

Wow! I really cannot believe that I have had this blog for a whole year. Looking back to my first post, I was so worried about not being able to keep up with it or not having anything to write about. Well, I can definitely say I found my niche and while I may not be the most popular blogger out there I do enjoy writing and sharing my life and travels with people, which in hindsight is what I think has really kept me going.

I thought having a blog was going to be easy, but I have since learned over the course of the year that blogs are a lot of work. Even though blogs can be a lot of work they can also be a lot of fun too.  I found this out when I switched from a wordpress.com blog to being self-hosted. Moving to be a self-hosted blog turned out to be me making an investment in myself and that became a great personal learning experience. This was when I really got to make my blog mine, but it was the most challenging part because I had to learn new things other than just writing and hitting the post button.

Switching made me have to learn about the other side of blogging, the SEO, the social media, and other more techy ways to improve my blog. I am tech savvy and can figure things out pretty quickly, but the multitude of problems that can arise from the .htaccess file is just ridiculous, and if I have learned anything from blogging it’s that you DO NOT TOUCH the .htaccess file.  I have spent a few too many nights online with the Bluehost people trying to help me out and figure out why my blog has crashed. Thanks, guys you have been great!

Anyways, this was only meant to be a short post and I mostly wanted to say thank you to everyone who sticks around and reads you guys have kept me going. You have been my inspiration to keep on going with my blog and have allowed me to achieve my goal of actually having a blog. Once again a big Thank You! to all of you who have stuck around.

XX Court


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