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Busy Start to 2017: Holidays, Weddings & a New Car!

April 6, 2017

Hi All!

I was scrolling through the blog today and noticed that I haven’t had any life updates since Christmas. Wow, I think I might need to re-evaluate what I’m doing. I mean I have been updating the travel side of things, but not actually the ‘My Life/Expat Life’ side of things.  I am now feeling super slack, but life has been very very busy. I feel like I have been swamped by endless things especially with our weekends being booked for the past two months straight.

So I am here to give a recap on life over the past 4 months.


Right after Christmas, Patrick’s brother Chris and his girlfriend Katie came to Newcastle for 2 weeks for a visit. They currently live in Tennant Creek, NT and since it is so far away we don’t get to see them but once or twice a year. While they were visiting we went to Hunter Valley to visit the wineries and had a blast wine tasting.

Tulloch Wine Tasting

On the 3rd of January, Patrick and I had our anniversary, and we have officially been together for 6 years! We don’t really celebrate our anniversary because it’s so close after Christmas, but we do love to acknowledge that we have had some pretty amazing times over the past 6 years.

We had some pretty good weather during January and we found ourselves most weekends going to Newcastle’s beautiful beaches.

Bar Beach

At the end of the month we celebrated Australia Day. Kim and Brad had everyone over for a bbq, the weather was not good, but we still had an awesome time with friends and family.

australia day pat and court













Starting off the month with a bang my lil baby niece Pearl turned 1! She is absolutely adorable and is now walking!

pearl is 1













Life event! We bought a new car! 🙂 Our trusty Ford Focus (sorry Henry) was traded in for our new sleek Kia Sportage SUV. I am absolutely in love with our new car. Although all the ‘family car’ jokes are getting a little old haha Sorry guys! No babies here yet!


Tasmania !!!!

The last week of February we planned to go to Tasmania! We had an amazing time and definitely recommend Tasmania to anyone who is looking. It is such a beautiful part of Australia, I am glad we had the opportunity to go. To read about our time in Tassie click here!

wineglass bay 2


After returning from Tassie on a Monday, we were off again on the Sunday to head off to Auckland, New Zealand for week. Now this trip was not planned originally. We were asked by our boss to attend out works conference at the last minute, which was exciting for me! Another country ticked off the bucket list. I haven’t had time to write the blog post for our time in Auckland, but it is coming so keep an eye out.

Auckland, NZ



Patrick, the absolute legend that he is, bout Kim and I ADELE tickets for Christmas! The concert was amazing and definitely one I will never forget. Adele was so good and anyone who had the chance to go see her should!


Edgeworth Soccer Ball

Patrick’s soccer season is back! Kicking off the season the Edgeworth Soccer Club held a ball in honor of the club being 125 years old.

edgy ball edgy ball 2















One of Patrick’s childhood friends was getting married and we were lucky enough to get invited to the wedding. It was a beautiful day in Newcastle with amazing views of the Pacific.

wedding 2



Which brings us up to date! The fun isn’t over yet! Patrick’s birthday is at the end of this month and in 5 weeks I will be heading back to the USA to for my best friends wedding! Eeek it has come up so fast. Patrick and I have also just booked out tickets for our trip to Europe for four weeks in October. It’s looking like 2017 is the best year yet!

XX Court

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