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Top 5 Favorite Things to do in Charleston, South Carolina

June 7, 2017
pineapple fountain

Hi All!

Two weeks ago, I went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit my family in their new house. Just last year they decided, they needed a change of scenery, and up and sold my childhood home in pursuit of living in the South. It was a BIG move for everyone. My parents quit their jobs, sold the house and left my hometown and extended family behind in Maryland. They were ready for some new changes in life and they thought South Carolina was just the place.

Long story short they now live in Mt Pleasant, SC which is only about 5 minutes outside of Charleston. We never lived close to a city before, so now anytime I visit I want to go downtown and spend a day or two in the city.

Today, I thought I would share my Top 5 Favorite Things to do in Charleston!

  1. Walk through the Historic Charleston City Market

Charleston’s City Market is the one place I always have to visit when I come to visit my family. I love the hustle and bustle of the market; it is always filled with people looking for that little piece of Charleston to take home.

  1. Visit the Pineapple Fountain

The Pineapple Fountain is one of the main attractions sought in Waterfront Park, which is located on the Cooper River. As you explore Charleston, you may notice several Pineapple motifs around the city; they are a symbol of hospitality dating all the way back to the colonial times.

pineapple fountain

pineapple fountain 2

waterfront park

  1. Stroll along the Battery

The Battery is a promenade that stretches along the lower shores of the Charleston peninsula. To most tourist’s it is famous for the line beautiful antebellum homes. I am a BIG NERD for architecture. I absolutely love looking at old buildings and these beautiful houses make me swoon every time I see them.


battery 4

battery 3

batter 2

  1. Shop on King Street

Who doesn’t like shopping?? Well, King Street is the place to go. From boutique shops to big name brands, this street has it all. I always need my shopping fix when I come back to the USA so why not visit King Street?


  1. Wander around the French Quarter

The French Quarter is a section of downtown Charleston that used to be in the original “walled” city of Charleston. I love wandering around looking at the historic buildings painted in pretty pastels. Unique little shops, restaurants, and cobblestone streets a just a little sneak peak of what you might find exploring the French Quarter of Charleston.

french quarter


I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Favorite Things to do in Charleston, South Carolina. If you are ever in town be sure to check them out!

I’m off to discover the Hidden Gems of Mount Pleasant!

Till next time!

XX Court


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