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From Temporary to Permanent: Part II of the Partner Visa Process

June 8, 2017
temporary to permanent

Welcome back!

If you are reading this I am assuming that you are either about to go through this process yourself or you are being proactive and getting informed about Part II of the Partner Visa Process. Now, it has been a while since I wrote my original post Navigating My Way into Temporary Residency: How I Survived the Partner Visa Process so I thought it would be best to start off with a brief recap of my timelines of the whole process.

June 29th 2015 – Lodged Partner Visa 820/801

March 2016 – Received email that Partner Visa was going to be processed

May 5th 2016 – Temporary Partner Visa Granted (820)

April 21st 2017 – Received email request for more information for Permanent Partner Visa Application

April 27th 2017 – Submitted online application (still waiting to upload a few documents)

June 7th 2017 – Finished uploading all my documents and officially submitted everything by clicking the “Information Provided” button

Permanent Partner Visa Application

So the big question, “What do you need for the Permanent Partner Visa Application?” Well, I am here to fill you in on what I have learned over the past few weeks. I received an email from Immigration asking for more information for my Permanent Partner Visa Application. Attached to this email was a checklist detailing what I would need to do.

1. Online Application (No Fee Required)

Since I submitted the first part of the application online I chose to continue with this method because for me it is the most obvious and easiest. If you are not comfortable with the online application there is still the option to use paper forms.

I went online to Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website: and logged into my

  • logged into my Immi Account
  • Select ‘New Application‘ and ‘Family
  • Select ‘Stage 2 – Permanent Partner Visa Assessment (100, 801)
  • filled out the forms

These forms were almost EXACTLY the same as the forms of the initial submission of the application. Once I noticed this I brought up my PDF copy of the original application and copy and pasted the unchanged relevant information into the fields.

2. Australian National Police Check

I am required again to scan and upload a National Police Certificate obtained from the Australian Federal Police.

I went to the AFP National Police Check website and clicked on the link to take me to the Application Portal. Read the information, ticked the box and clicked Start New Online Application. After I filled out and submitted the application I received my AFP National Police check in the mail about 5 -7  days later. All that was left was to scan and upload the police check to my immi account.

Note: The AFP National Police Check costs $42.00 AUD for EACH AFP National Police Check application from a government department of an individual.

3. Statutory Declarations

Submitted 3 statutory declarations (Form 888), 2 were from friends and 1 had to be from Patrick himself declaring the current status of our relationship.

Note: You will need to have all your statutory declarations & subsequent attachments witnessed by a person prescribed by the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 and Statutory Declarations Regulations 1993 which include:

• Justice of the Peace; • medical practitioner; • legal practitioner; • civil marriage celebrant or registered minister of religion; • dentist; • nurse; • optometrist; • pharmacist; • physiotherapist; • full-time teacher; • bank manager or bank officer with 5 or more continuous years of service; • postal manager or permanent employee of the Australian Postal Commission with 5 or more continuous years of service; • police officer; or • public servant with 5 or more continuous years of service.

A full list of prescribed persons can be found on the Attorney-General’s Department website.

4. Upload Copy of Your and Your Sponsor’s Identity Documents

This one was very easy. I just uploaded a copy of my passport and Patrick’s passport to the immi account.

5. Evidence of Your Relationship Since Grant of Temporary Partner Visa

This was my least favorite part of the whole process. I felt like it was the first application all over again. This time I made it simple and only uploaded about 18 things.

  • Travel Tickets (from our trips 2015 – to our upcoming trip to Europe in October 2017 )
  • Hotel Booking Receipts (from our trips 2015-Now)
  • Photos from 2015 – now (with family, friends, and activities)
  • Water Bill, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill with both of our names on them.
  • Car Insurance Policy with both our names on it
  • Copy of our lease renewal
  • Copy of our joint bank account statement with the year 2017 on it to show we still have a bank account together

And that was basically it. We hadn’t really done much more than live together and go on a few holidays over the past two years so I felt like there wasn’t really that much to upload.

6. Now the Wait Begins!


I’d like to wish all those applying Good Luck! I hope you get approved!

If anyone has and questions they would like to ask me, feel free to contact me through email I would be happy to answer 🙂

XX Court


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